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Originally Posted by bimmer35
Originally Posted by makisupa View Post
Thanks for the link man. I looked up the fin on Bav Auto and they have a price for $56.95, and if I'm in the portsmouth area I may pick one up there. I got nav and satellite radio so I'm not sure exactly which one I need but they are all in the same ball park price wise, so I'll just have to figure that out. Wish I had the body shop hook up like you though!
It doesnt matter whether you have nav and sat radio or other options, the fin is just a plastic cover for the actual module. You will see it when you get the fin off!
I was under that impression then I checked out that link and there are 2 different part numbers for the fin. I don't understand how there could be much of a difference, it's just a cover like you said right? Maybe one number is for primed and the other number for painted? Then give them the paint code you're looking for later I'd imagine.