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Originally Posted by Delta0311 View Post
Yes the 5 series comes fairly loaded, navi is standard. I was looking at the F30s when I was at the dealership getting my battery cable replaced and I must say a stock F30 328 is not worth the money. The damn thing doesn't even have HIDs, which is pretty much standard these days.
Nav not standard in the 5 series, its looks like it because of the screen, but its either in the technology package or a standalone option.

Reading through this thread, I feel two things, BMW charges more for two reasons, one because the can, and two because they are the only privately held large car company left. While the parts may cost the same as say what KIA pays the R&D budgets most likely do not and they do not have the economy of scale to spread it around like say a Toyota/Lexus or Nissan/Infiniti does.

That being said certain things in this day and age should just be standard.

A base 328 should have HID standard, just about every car on the market has them now its not new tech anymore, bluetooth and auto dimming home link should be as well already.

I can see not having Nav standard, many cars don't, but some of the little things should just be there its 2013 already.