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Originally Posted by SHEEDI
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Doesn't the same apply to wiping with wash media and soap across the paint? ONR just makes the water super lubricious just like soap does. If you use the Gary dean method it's very little risk of marring.
Method I use.
1. rinse car
2. wheel cleaner and wash wheels
3.use foam gun and spray lot of foam on entire car and let it sit on the car for 5 minutes
4. Rinse the car " at this point there is no dust on the car.
5. Spread foam again and drag wash mitt on half of panel,rinse wash mit,drag it on other half of panel, rinse mitt and so on.
6. Rinse car
To each his own. I hand washed for years and now I do a real wash maybe once a month or so then just do rinse less every week as maintenance. Comes out great.