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Originally Posted by tr_ms3 View Post
Sorry Poohbore, but the 2 posters above are DEAD WRONG.

Get a winder. The winder keeps everything running and lubricated. Yes, you will cause wear on the watch by having it run all the time, but that's normal. That's why you have it serviced. Watches are designed to run. Keep the main spring wound and the gears moving. Leaving a watch sitting 99% of the time will make for more expensive services in the future.

Letting an automatic sit, and then wind it up and wear it is like starting a car and flooring it before the oil pressure and temp have come up. You are expecting the inner workings to operate with no lubrication.

Look on Amazon, I buy cheap winders in the $30-$50 range that work great.

BTW I have a 28 year old Submariner that has been serviced 1 time and keeps near perfect time.