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Originally Posted by Nate4641 View Post
Heres the facts you really need to pay attention to. The media doesn't always know what they're talking about. Just because the media reported that no WMDs were found doesn't mean that no WMDs were found. There were reports however, that got swept away very quickly mind you, that a number of large number of convoys were headed for the borders before and during the invasion. Sadam was under a lot of pressure for quite awhile about if he did or didn't have anything and it would have been enough time for anything he did have to be mobilized. Ever think we didn't find them in Iraq because they were moved? For the stuff he supposedly had it would not have been that hard. Surveillance technology wasn't as great back then as it is today.

If you weren't there, you can't say something did or did not happen. Just because the media says something, doesn't make it true. They have been wrong before, and they will be wrong again. American media is also excessively bias, there really isn't any network that doesn't tend to lean one way or the other.

You also have to realize that it was a very confusing time for this country. People wanted justice for 9/11 and started to hear what they wanted. The UN wasn't doing anything about Sadam's refusals for inspection and the US was gearing up to take action to make it happen. It might have been wrong to mislead Americans into thinking that we went into Iraq solely because of 9/11, but it was part of it and that emotion and support helped get done something that needed to get done.

Yes people died in the war in Iraq, it was a war. However there was one year when more Marines died in the states than in theater. OIF was not a very bloody war, it went on for a long time, but the death toll was nothing compared to Vietnam or WWII or Korea. The first Gulf War gave Americans this misunderstanding about war that we could win a war in a very short amount of time with minimal casualties. Unfortunately that just isn't true. It gets even worse when the enemy changes the game and goes unconventional.

Try to also imagine (and yes I know this is hard) all the good things that came out of us going to war. A lot of technology we use everyday is stuff that is prototyped and tested in the military then trickled down into civilian use. Modern GPS is one example.

I never got to go to Iraq, it's one of my biggest regrets of my Marine Corps career. I just happened to get stationed at a non deployable unit and missed by chance. I did however go to Afghanistan and I can speak from experience that the media has no clue what is really going on there. Talking to OIF vets a lot of things are similar when it comes to dealing with locals. Its a lot of stuff embedded media never really get to see and experience because they aren't there long enough and they are usually only looking for specific stories that will sell.

Its easy to sit back and criticize what happened if you weren't involved. Intel isn't always right. The people who gather intel are human and sometimes mistakes happen. I fully believe going to Iraq was a good thing, at least for getting rid of Sadam and his regime. He was an easier target than North Korea or other dictators, and we accomplished that mission.

The WMD issue is a complicated one though. Just because we didn't find them doesn't mean he didn't have them. And I know this is hard to follow, but just because the media says we didn't find them doesn't mean thats completely true. Sometimes its the better idea to say you didn't find what you were looking for even if you did, sadly someone is going to have to take the blame.

Also just because its trendy to hate on Bush and blame him for all of the countries problems doesn't mean that those opinions are true.
Good post and almost spot on.