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I have a 2009 M3 that was not able to perform the NAV update via USB.

From a "CBS Information" report (if you don't have a copy of this report you can ask a dealership for one) the following information was revealed:

The 2009 M3 had a build date of: 10/01/08.
The car came from the factory with program version: E89X-08-09-520
The car had been upgraded (before I acquired it) to program version: E89X-09-03-520

With program version E89-09-03-520, I was not able to upgrade the NAV via USB.

The dealership upgraded the program version to E89X-13-03-504, and charged me 1.5 hours labour. After the program version upgrade, I was immediately able to perform the NAV update via USB.

If you don't have a "CBS Information" report, as others have said, when using the NAV, check to see if you can toggle the "info" box (top right hand corner of screen) by pressing down on the iDrive controller. If you are able to toggle the "info" box, you will most likely be able to perform the NAV update via USB. If you can't toggle the "info" box you will most likely need the program version upgraded on your car. I use the term "most likely" as I don't think it is yet known exactly which program version enabled NAV update via USB, but the ability to toggle the "info" box seems to be a great indicator.

As an added bonus, upgrading the program version provided the following benefits:
- The iDrive phone interface received a significant overhaul.
- Eliminated a bug I have been annoyed with since purchasing the car. After power cycling the car, the iDrive would default to FM or SAT, even if the "Presets" was being used when the car was turned off. Now when I power cycle the car, the iDrive stays on "Presets".