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Originally Posted by Otruba_843 View Post
ONR does not replace a regular wash in any way and it never will. There will always be a place for the regular wash. If your car is a garage queen thats taken out maybe once a week, ONR is a viable answer. My car is driven all week and I only use ONR as a QD and clay lube. If your car has a light layer of dust on it, ONR should be fine. The one thing I would do would be rinsing the car before. I just don't like the idea of wiping even with the dust on there because my clear coat is super soft. A rinse wouldn't be necessary if you had a hard clear coat. With that being said, ONR is an awesome product if used with the gary dean method.
+1 Couldn't have said it any better.

I have the "Infamous" Jet Black. The paint scratches if I sneeze on it too hard. ONR is in my detailing tool kit and as is important to use the right tool for the job. I also don't like using ONR on a dirty car with soft paint as a maintenance wash either. The risk of marring is just too high. Light dust-not a problem. If I am doing a correction then it is irrelevant and using ONR actually saves me some time in some cases. ONR is a good product and I will continue to use ONR when the situation calls for it or till the day a better product/method comes along.
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