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Originally Posted by Busha View Post
Where is that relay located exactly ? And also where is this IHKA part ? Is there german name or serial number for that because Im from Croatia and probably would buy it in Germany. I think that the mechanic told me that those wires which go on compressor to turn it ON have no electricity, that is why it wirks when connected on + on the battery.

Thanks a lot

1) Component and Signal Information
2) Components
3) Relays
4) K19 Relay A/C Compressor

Now the trick is finding where that relay is.

I'll see if I can find it myself, but this is where you would probably want to look.

The + signal just magnetizes the fan clutch to "engage it" so that the drive belt spins it under load. When it doesn't have a signal, it (in a perfect world) has no load on the drive belts.

If it didn't engage when you hit with power, I would have said the clutch is bad because it doesn't engage (which in my experience means your replacing the compressor).


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