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Originally Posted by flinchy View Post
i doubt more high end lexus would be sold than high end BMW though

and i agree, BMW's without projectors are disgusting, simply shouldn't exist... though they DO let you know the people who bought a BMW 'for the badge'

ugh... cloth seats, halogen lights, stock stock sock 116i. ewh.
Had my 'entry level' 325i for 4 years before I got my 335. It was my introduction to BMW's, and as such was a great car to get my feet wet per se. Didn't buy it for the badge. It was comfortable, had enough power and handling, looked nice, and was (relatively) cheap. Not to mention, well optioned out for a base car.
My experiences with the 325 helped me to decide what to look for when I upgraded, hence my purchase of a pre-owned, loaded 335i M-sport. I've caught flak from friends, family, and co-workers for both cars, but I don't care. The only person that I'm out to impress is me!