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Originally Posted by wreaks610 View Post
Hey guys. I got some new tires a few months ago (running 245/40r18 square on OEM 18" wheels), and now I'm finally upgrading the wheels. I wanted to do 8" front and 9.5" rear, but my tires won't fit the 9.5", so I'm going 8.5" all the way around. My question is: should I get some wheel spacers to make up for that inch in the rear that I was wanting to get? I know it won't be the same, but it will at least give me more of that aggressive look I was going for.

What do you think? Has anyone done this before? Car is an 07 e90 335xi.
Your 245/40/18 will fit just fine on 9.5 wheel. I have 235/40/18 on my 9.5 and it's not even that stretched.