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Got the Eibach & Bilstein's put in today & car aligned (I'm going to align it again once it's settled in 3-4 weeks)

HOLY CRAP, this setup is straight up amazing... Car does NOT look any lower yet, I'll have to take measurements. Which I cant quite yet, took over to the dealer for some CPO work, but once I get it back I will take another hub center to fender measurement.

The Ride is sooooooo much improved in every aspect BMW should be ashamed they let the 335Xi leave the factory in such a poor handling condition. The bounciness is GONE, the ride is wayyy smoother, car stays 100% flat now during high speed lane changes and feels like it's on rails. No bodyroll whatsoever now. Cant wait to see if that goddamn understeer is gone... I couldn't tell yet because I only drove a few miles after putting it all in up to the dealer.

Even if I get no drop I will still be totally pleased with it just for performance alone. 100% improvement in every single aspect. I am floored by how good it is; really.....

Stock height with the 19's was 14.5" Front 14" Back from middle hub to fender, which resulted in about a 1.5" fender gap up front and 1" out back...
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