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Originally Posted by tarponman85 View Post
So, finally here are 2 logs I did over the weekend. I remember on one of them traction control was left ON however I do not remember which one. I am running stage 1 aggresive / 93 Octane.
I think it was probably the first log where you had traction control on. The second log looks better (TPS is supposed to be in the 80-81% range).

You have some timing corrections, but I've seen worse. It looks like the timing corrections started even before you started your pull in the second log. In the first log, the timing corrections happened at a different point than in the second log. I would say that it's probably fine because there are even some timing corrections on stock maps. You could try to lower timing slightly in ATR or see if there are no timing corrections using the stage 1 sport. The corrections could also be due to having a lower quality gas.

The only major concern I'd have is those temperatures. If I were you, I'd get an FMIC as soon as I could. You'll have less and less power when you do back to back pulls with the stock unit.