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Originally Posted by Shaun69 View Post
Before reading your thread I was in the process of ordering the alpine kit and adding some mb quart subs, now you've got me thinking.
If I use an amp without dsp, how would you rate it against alpine setup?
The setup without the DSP would be regarded as excellent upgrade over stock. Superb levels of clarity and deep rich bass all in the correct proportions.

Same setup with the DSP option would be regarded as 'expert upgrade' for a user who is slightly more in tune with perfecting tonality, staging with use of DSP functions.

Its slightly unfair when comparing the Alpine to the Gladen setup, since Alpines do not come with the subs. That said customers who heard both went on to buy Gladen. Of course there is a cost difference though it didn't seem to deter anyone.

FWIW, I have had an non-DSP version in my E91 for well over a year. Considering I distribute Gladen in the UK and I haven't had the overwhelming urgency to switch to a DSP version.. yet!