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I haven't tested DSP and non-DSP back to back, but in theory the DSP can make better use of the power due to the steeper and incredibly accurate crossovers. If tuned properly, this can be quite precise about what frequencies go where, and in conjunction with the parametric EQ could produce a system that performs better and higher volumes.

That said, it would be marginal. The Gladen kit handles the power well as it is. Incredibly well for a 4" midrange to be honest.

I'm way down south in Dorset but anyone would be welcome to have a listen if you're down this way! Still need to sort my hifi coding so it's a bit noisy with nothing going through it but it sounds ace.

As Mr Singh said, the Alpine isn't a direct comparison as no sub. And I believe it's considerably less power. I've not heard it, but have heard similar in the past and the Gladen/Mosconi kit is something else.