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Originally Posted by CALWATERBOY View Post
I'm with you. The pump's not capable of delivering enough to lock one cyl, and engines have been run with liquid pouring out of the exhaust valve. OP -- Was the nozzle in good shape?

Overpressurization and a defect might do it....seize a piston or equiv at high RPM and....bang?

That said I haven't read much beyond this - very interesting!

OP -- What's become of the damaged motor?
I agree with you that it's unlikely and I was skeptical too, but my mechanic who used to be the chief mechanic at SouthBay BMW in Torrance, is an experienced racer with a dedicated track-only E46 M3 and he's the one who tore the engine apart and swears it was hydrolocked.

The damaged engine was sold to the company that supplied the replacement engine. The only thing I kept were the extra turbos just in case I need some cores for a future RB Turbo upgrade.

Originally Posted by CALWATERBOY View Post
Seriously? Love to have it - like to trouble-shoot. May be in your area next week.
It's all yours if you want it. I have it boxed up in my garage. PM me to setup a date and time.
I probably spent about 10 hours trying to identify root cause, but gave up after I couldn't find anything obvious with the meth kit. It seemed to be functioning fine, but I wasn't about to drive around with it installed. I limited my testing to my garage only, although I did control it through the JB4 to prime the line and it worked. :shrug: