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Originally Posted by redfox View Post
LOL! Not surprising response. It's not "dinan stage 3" badge. It's just a Dinan3 badge. I like my warranty since I beat the car pretty hard on tracking days. You are right, it's pretty pricy. But if I can burn my $$, then why not? I'll probably lose more investing in the stock market. I figured I am paying 20% more if I were to piece the kit together using similar parts. That said, I am also paying for the R&D time of the setup. You could say the same thing abut Alpina, Stasis, etc.. But they all exist and are profitable because people respect the products.

WRT LEDs, I have shitty Bimmian ones right now. One time, a cop stopped me for not having DRL. That's how dim they are. Hence the upgrade. It's Lux V4 btw. in case you didn't know. I am just getting the latest version which happen to have different color settings. I am more interested in the brightness. I don't think I will be able to stand any other color but white for normal use. That said, being able to go blue could be cool for fun every now and then.
haha fair enough.

I think my lux 3's are super bright and dont regret purchasing them at all, even though they're kind of pricey for lights. I can imagine the V4's to be that much better, so I would say go for it . Oh and my buddy has the bimmian ones too, they're shit.