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Originally Posted by mammothboarderdc View Post
Looks good. I really like the msport package and thats cool it came with exhaust. I would forget all the people saying get lci projectors, yea they look nice, but spending a 1000 per headlight plus ballast and your time to convert it.. not worth it. obviously doesn't affect driving at all, and imo its a waste when that money could be better spent on wheels, tires, suspension or any other driving dynamic upgrades. but yea man, cool pick up.
Thanks for the comments man. Yes, I would never spend that kind of money on headlights, no way. I'm kinda liking the stock rims/tires. I just noticed the back rims are wider than the fronts, never knew the 328's came with this. Suspension is great also, no wheel gap, not sure if the previous owner lowered it?

So what are my options with just getting halos? The halos are already in the headlights, but they are the stock yellow color, what is suggested to just replace the yellow color? Can you run just halos at night or do you need the halogen bulbs? I'm thinking about painting the grille black today but its fricken 90 degrees here and 100 percent humidity.