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Originally Posted by fdawg4l View Post
I visited Pit Row in Santa Clara yesterday after seeing a Craigslist post about fully loaded mechanic's bays for rent. And, that's exactly what I found! There were about a dozen 10ft tall lifts, each with a full MAC tool chest, air tools, and access to the all knowing Alldata. There are brake bleeders, compression testers, impact tools, and lots of specialty tools that work with a variety of German cars.

Dennis is a really nice guy and an old BMW engineer. I urge anyone who wants to work on their car in a safe and controlled setting with lots of professional level resources to give him a call. Also, ask him what kind of awesome he's got hiding under his tarp; it's his own personal project and worth a peak.

You can find them at their website (

I am not affiliated with Pit Row. I simply wanted to find a place to change some fluids and get access to a lift to install my short shifter. This is all that plus more. I really hope they do well because I know I'm going to need a resource like this in the long run. I already told Dennis I'm planning on being his customer for as long as he's around.

Rates are cheap; 30 bucks an hour as of this writing plus 99 cents an hour for shop supplies. Denis also mentioned you can leave the car in the garage over night if you need to for a reasonable fee, but talk to him first. When I eventually break something important while fixing something trivial, I know I'll need this.
Very interesting. I might stop by sometime soon to see what they have!

Thanks for the link!