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Originally Posted by AdiSinghV12 View Post
Congrats on the ride! I can't figure what's wrong in having an M-Badge on a M Sport 3er. Like someone said, it doesn't say M3. Anyway that's my 2 cents. Opinions differ.
its not an m. M stands for Motorsport. The motorsport division of BMW makes cars separately from regular BMWs. Thye stand out against other Bimmers and the competition. There is a sacred value for the M symbol and should be kept that way. Dont fuck up the sanctity of the M bro, its just not cool. thats probably the only real rule on this forum. ITs especially bad on this post because it quite possibly the furthest from an M car being a 328. My car is M-sport like this and i dont like even the M on the doorsills. The m is special and should be far more limited. Maybe they should do a vin check to prevent people from buying the badge without ownership of an M car. lol
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