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I pulled the trigger and had my dampers replaced with the FSDs. Ride height remained unchanged, as I wanted, and when I first got into the car after the change, I thought at first that the switch hadn't made much of a difference. The ride was still very firm, and the steering was responsive as ever. If anything, I felt like I was expericing more "jostling" from side to side movement on uneven roads, as if the suspension had gotten stiffer. But over the next half hour or so, I noticed the difference. Actually, it wasn't what I noticed, but what I didn't notice. Gone were the harsh impacts that made me feel like I was hurting my car. Gone were the shudders that made me cringe over bumpy roads. The car is anything but floaty--it doesn't glide over bumps and lull you to sleep. But the jarring bumps that made me wince before just aren't there anymore, or are greatly reduced. My dampers are actually damping now. Handling is as lively as before I think.

I might be nuts....had the same experience with Yellows, though did a whole suspension change at the time too.