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Originally Posted by LEDZEP
You're not the only one! Mine is a drooling moron!
Not only is my service guy completely inept BMW Assist is as well. In the first two weeks of having my car I was driving along and the brake warning comes on so I press the BMW Assist buttong as my oversized manual was in the trunk at the time. Lo and behold the Assist won't work so I have to get out the 800 number and call it from my cell phone. All I wanted to know was it I should be driving the car or did this mean my brakes were going to fail. No luck. The girl tells me to call the service department, mind you it is midnight. The next day I call the service department and they tell me to bring in the car so I do just that. I leave my car for an entire day (didn't ask for a loaner) to check out this brake problem and the bluetooth connectability issue. Get the caar back and he says something wasn't connected right. No problem just need to order the wire. OK and about the bluetooth - "oh whoops! what was the problem again?" After two weeks of waiting for the part and the call about the part I call. Hasn't received it yet. Finally bring the car in to get the part fixed and to look at the bluetooth again. He forgets AGAIN to address the issue. So I have him sit in the car and try and connect various phones. Doesn't work, he's never seen or heard this problem. Make another appointment so he can look at it.

Now I JUST got off the phone with him. I specifically said, "other people have had this problem as well and BMW has a software upgrade to rectify it." He replies, "Oh, wait, what's the exact problem with your bluetooth again? Bring it in tomorrow and we'll take a look at it."
ARE YOU SERIOUS?!? How about you get off your lazy ass, go check into this bulletin I'm telling you about, make sure you actually have the software and then I'll bring my car down.

There is more I'm just too heated to write it. This guy is completely inept.