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Originally Posted by onesuperboi View Post
I wonder how the lci paddles worked on your car without any modification? Maybe because the wiring already exists with the steering wheel...? I would like to know since I heard it does not work unless you do the resistor mod.

Just to clarify. Jimmy (jwong77) bought from me the brand new LCI steering wheel with paddles which I have for sale in vendor section. I have modified his LCI paddles and created PnP harness since his car doesnt have paddles from factory.

Originally Posted by taibanl View Post
I do not recommend buying from this vendor....if there is a problem with the part he will make you think he will take care of it...just long enough to get you out of the paypal dispute window!

Basis: Wasted $400+ on @RAF555's salvage/defective goods.
As far as I can see raf555 doesnt have vendor status.