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Originally Posted by 335DEE
I'm another one .. 105k and my main thermostat has been buggered for years possibly ( previous owner) never saw 75C .. so never regen'd .. new thermostat in and it regens every 100 miles or so on runs , but still i think it's too late to save it as the warning light has come on , ecotune it is . I approached Suoerchips because I already have a bluefin and they said they are not going down the dpf delete route for business reasons. So that leaves me with having to fork out extra for ecotune remap. planned for the next couple of weeks
I just posted this on another thread, I'm not an expert in anyway, just relaying my experience with the irritable DPF warning light. I had a similar issue with broken thermostats. Got them replaced and car now runs at 90/92*C once warmed up. DPF warning light kept appearing 10min after starting car every time. Was going to get the DPF removed this month, but for the last week or so the DPF warning light has stopped appearing. This could be down to a number of reasons, but i think it has to do with the fact I have driven nearly 2k of motorway miles over 2 wknds, which has caused the DPF to finally regen properly. So maybe you just have to be patient with it!

Unless something else is broken, which I don't think to be the case as I still get c.53 mpg on motorway and I haven't noticed any difference in the performance of the car.

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