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Unfortunately for me, my drive consists of 3miles of a road, 3 miles of dual carriageway and 140 miles of motorway, I can sometimes see 2 gens on a trip since sorting the stats , the car is trying but for me I reckon it's too far gone to recover. Buying one from a scrapper is a massive gamble and you'll still be looking at several hundred pounds.
I'd gladly have mine refurbished by means of an ultrasonic bath and pressure pulsing but I cannot find anyone in the UK that can do this. There are a few firms but they are all geared up for the truck dpf which is a nice cylindrical cannister and not some awkward shaped thing we have.

I've thought long and hard about this. I really don't want the smoke that a dpf delete comes with. Just looks like the car is knackered, but I'm gonna have to do something otherwise I'll be without a car and fortunately / unfortunately depending on how you look at it, the cheapest option right here right now is ecotune and even that's gonna cost a grand.
If anyone knows a reputable company who cleans dpf s properly, nows your time to speak up. Jet washing the dpf is false Economy, they only really penetrate about an inch or so and can in some cases solidify the crap in the channels making it completely impossible to clear and is only a temporary fix. Been there done that one which is why I'm not entertaining that method

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