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Here are the prices given to me for Gold Extended. All prices

60M/70K Miles - 2959
60M/100k Miles - 3230
72M/70k Miles - 3454
72M/100k Miles - 3790
84M/70k Miles - 3890
84M/100k Miles - 4270

60M - adds one more year
72M - adds two more years
84M - adds three more years

Given that its MSRP, I'm guessing price should be negotiable. Ill talk to them about it.
I'm interested in at least adding 2 more years, but not at that cost.

As it is, if I were to pick the 72/70M (which would be what I would want given the time it would take me to get to that millage), its still be 1727 per year. The good thing is I already have the extended maintenance till 2015(thanks to the previous owner)

Only reason I'm considering adding extended warranty is because I don't have the time to fix the car if something were to happen.