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So I ran today...a little disappointed. I wasn't able to datalog. forgot my laptop.

Conditions: 75 degrees, a bit humid (rained earlier)
93 octane, half a tank of gas, N55 X-Drive,
Mods: JB4 Map 2
JB intake
Vishnu catted downpipe
I ran in "S" mode with the Alpina software upgrade on my transmission the entire time.

Run 1: 13.8 @ 96 (1.85 60')
I ran map 2, peak boost was 15-16, 12-13 throughout powerband around 10 at redline :-/

Run 2: 13.7 @ 98
I reset to map 0 before run 2 and back to map 2, I trapped at 98! but still ran a 13.7 (1.9 60')

Run 3: 13.6 @ 97 (1.84 60')
Didn't touch my map but still disappointed with the MPH, doesn't feel strong up top??

Run 4: 15.0 @ 97 (2.1 60')
I was trying to get a crazy launch and my RPM's went above 3000 at the starting line and my car shifted to 3rd gear in "S" mode before i left the line, ran the entire track in 3rd gear. didn't shift until i passed the 1/4 mile mark.

I know there is a lot to process here, but I'd like to run e85 next time. Not sure what I have to do to get my traps up, or if there is something wrong with my engine? No codes are being thrown, the car pulls hard down low. 100 octane is a bit expensive. I'm not sure if map 5 would have been better but it seemed to be the same as map 2. Would a cobb be better? I know i need to datalog. which i will do tomorrow to record timing and boost.
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