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Spending money

Spending money on your kid's education is seen as generous and caring

Spending money on Diamond encrusted Rolexes and supercars is seen as flash and extravagant.

Hell, yesterday on the 1 Series Forum I wrote that my home stereo cost 911 money but edited it because it sounded boastful (it was meant to illustrate that I have a rather good home stereo system). A diamond encrusted Rolex has 1 flaunt and communicate wealth. An SLS AMG is probably almost always mistaken for an SLR McClaren which "only top footballers and investment bankers can afford".

This is resentment Britain....a country specifically set up to punish the successful and reward losers (where else would you get away with tax rates of >100% on company car benefits). This came about to ensure that a particular political party gets elected and has led to 'respectable dependency', where living on hand-outs is considered by a significant portion of the population as a viable lifestyle. With the recent recession, banking meltdown and large corporation tax scandals, public sentiment now accepts public drunkenness but despises the wealthy and successful, who are society's new bogeymen.

Its like the 3rd World hating America. They burn flags but stand in a square and offer 5 green cards and you'd be crushed in the stampede.

Bottom line? In Britain, cars like Lombos, Ferraris and the SLS are only for the very rich who can afford to keep them in locked garages, hidden away from prying eyes, driven only on round trips and not left parked anywhere that would attract a crowd of resentful hoodies on their BMXers.