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Sorry to hear that you 'having' to change because of external pressures.

I recall the story about problems with the stereo but wasn't actually sure of the outcome other than MB were going to pay for some 3rd party work?

I guess most here would be envious in a 'lucky git' type of way but not in snidy, horrible way. I've experienced it when I was young and free and I was also keen to demonstrate a level of success which didn't help (although as I entered my 30's I cared less about proving myself) but you always get some very jealous types. We do love an underdog.....until he becomes successful!

Personally I would try to enjoy the experience of shopping round, just trying out loads of cars as part of the process. I fancy an X5 next but will be trying a Q5, Q7, some cheaper alternative from Nissan / Honda, A4, 3 series coupe etc just to enjoy it really and compare and contrast. I went straight from an E46 to an E92 which I have really enjoyed but I do also enjoy the whole 'shopping' experience.

Best of luck! (I actually thought you owned your company - didn't realise you had superiors!)