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Well chaps, I picked the SLS up from Germany today after having its gearbox upgrade and have to say that whilst its still not like a PDK or BMW DCT, the 'box is vastly improved. And what an awesome car the SLS is for crossing Europe . The performance, the noise, the sheer plantedness at's like nothing else I've had.

And it's now pretty much was and still largely is my dream car. I have to get my priorities right and for me, having a 100k+ car in the garage doing nothing other than depreciating just isn't viable or sensible.

I've car shared with the missus for the last few weeks and enough's enough...I've done the deal on the M6 (I sort of hoped the finance would decline or something to give me an excuse to not do suck 'luck'!). As usual theres no messing about from me once I've made a decision ...whilst I didn't want to change the SLS, I'd narrowed the choice of alternatives down to the M6 or 997 Turbo. After today's drive back across Europe (which was strangely gridlocked...I left Stuttgart at 1pm and am writing this at 11pm as I wait for my train - the journey took ages!), the SLS played the role of big GT admirably and, as I absolutely loved that aspect of it, I know I've made the right choice going for the M6 as that should be its forte!

But, as per the title of the thread, I'm very unhappy about my SLS ownership coming to an end because having it was a once in a lifetime chance - its an awesome car but then so are a lot of cars I've had (and will have)...none will be an SLS though! I'm also pretty pissed off at myself for being so fed up when I'm just about to get BMWs flagship car...something that most people would love. I really should be more grateful and appreciative if what I've got so need to sort myself out really!

I'll start a thread on the M6 next week with some details on how good or bad it is (it probably won't be one of my most enthusiastic threads!) but also what kind of deal it ended up being!

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