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Hey there,

I just happened to see your post, and since i have the same wheels i can definitely answer your questions

I have the rear +25 offset, and it WILL work on pre-LCI without any fender rolling/work ONLY if you are willing to run a 245/35/19 tire, NOT the usual 265/30/19. If you run the 265, you will have to roll your fenders

However, you may want to look at my latest post today

I put 10mm spacers on the rear, making the rear offset +15, and it rubs a little bit with the 245, even with my fenders rolled, but it's nothing to worry about as it's only rubbing the fuzzy liner. No damage to the tire or rim and i can drive 70+ mph on the freeway and hit dips. Also, i added 10mm spacers to the fronts and it looks way better, and I'm even contemplating getting the fronts with the +18 offset instead and running a 225 tire, which should fit perfect.

hope this helps you out

btw, DON'T do the +38, in my opinion, it looks too sucked in and you will regret it and wish you went with the more aggressive offset... even with a +25 it wasn't aggressive looking enough for me, that's why i added the 10mm lol, but that's not everyone's cup of tea =)