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Originally Posted by gangzoom View Post
Enjoy M6, but it just seems a bit boring compared to other cars you've owned, cannot wait to see what you replace it with ....what about a stupidly priced updated/restored classic like a E-Type??
It's certainly more ordinary but I hope it's not too bring. Guess I find out in a coupe of hours....this is the first car I've ever bought totally blind....I.e. not even having seen or sat in an example of one. That could be a disaster or a total surprise as expectations are.....lets say, indifferent!

I just need to spruce it up a bi....

Originally Posted by willhollin View Post
M6 should respond well to a remap, brakes are supposed to be weak tho.
....and this obviously hasn't gone unnoticed. I think from the limited reading I've done, it's a quick remap and downpipes away from close to 700hp. Such an example simply drops a 997 Turbo S on YouTube (Gustavs races on GT Board if you know what these are). I've always secretly wanted a GT-R for the very reson of insane performance (thrust) but know I'd hate too many of the less refined aspects of it...this coud be a similar experience without the downsides!

Also, we all know how quickly I get bored so the ability to modify/tune something relatively cheaply will keep me entertained for a few months longer

Originally Posted by SteveC View Post
One thing I've learned in life is that its very hard to go backwards. As we get older and hopefully wealthier, we drive better cars, listen to better stereos, drink better wine etc. This constant refinement of taste makes it really difficult to get pleasure from the cheaper/simpler things in life. Having children is usually a major reset, as we once again get pleasure from flying kites, snowball fights, tobogganing, building sandcastles, fishing for sticklebacks, observing frogspawn and beans grow etc.

Its fatal for example to listen to a better stereo than the one you own unless you intend to buy it, as it just points out all the flaws that you previously weren't aware of.

Being down in the mouth about picking up a lovely, almost new M6 might strike you as highly unappreciative, but its the natural consequence of driving something even more capable, exclusive and exotic. The higher up the ladder you climb, the less appealing the lower rungs become.

Interestingly, when I talk with people about retirement, they almost gleefully point out that my car buying habits will need to change....this is one reason I've resisted the temptation of more exotic machinery until now. In retirement I fully intend to have a stream of great cars in my garage, hopefully always continuing up the ladder; until one day I finally decide that comfort is the priority. Of course there's one obvious risk with this strategy too
Too true, although I'm hoping that the M6 isn't too much of an 'actual' downgrade.

What I mean is, given my experience of the last M6 (which gearbox aside, was probably the best 'overall' engineered car I've have, possibly with the Porsche) I'm hoping the new car is the technical tour de force its billed to be. The top version of one of the highest-end mass produced cars should be A Very Good Car. In all-round ability, probably 'better' than the more specialised SLS....that is, for everything except image, wow factor, presence etc (and of course noise!).

This, I hope, will make it feel less of a downgrade in terms of capability, if not attention grabbing presence!

That probably makes no sense and the fact is, I've probably peaked to soon
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