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Originally Posted by peterg1965 View Post

I start a new job in Central London in July. I will commuting weekly by train from the North West. Early start Mondays, back late Fridays. The train is a massive amount cheaper than driving and less hassle. I have no garage now for even a project or a weekend toy. We are probably going to sell up next year with a view to buying our dream home (now that the kids are grown up), looking at East Anglia- so I need to save 20k for moving costs. I will have to replace the V70 with an estate for my wife (+dogs) but there are absolutely no plans for me to continue to waste money on cars I don't drive I have truly seen the light - hallelujah........

So once the 640d has gone,( and I may have to wait until the end of the lease in March next year) I will not get another car (exclusively for my use) until my finances realistically permit.

Happy to have a wager.....

Now then, where is Andrews's M6....
Got to love moving costs in this country, stamp duty is just such a pita especially as you get nothing for it.

Have to admit the train is easier if you are commuting and if to don't need a car then its easier and cheaper not to have one and just share a car. I don't have the choice unfortunately, as I travel to customer sites and my wife works we need 2 cars.

If you don't have a garage then having a weekend toy doesn't make any sense, but saying that I have never seen the point of a toy. I would rather have a nice car that I use all the time..

Are you not enjoying the 640d?