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Originally Posted by scottc View Post
Got to love moving costs in this country, stamp duty is just such a pita especially as you get nothing for it.

Have to admit the train is easier if you are commuting and if to don't need a car then its easier and cheaper not to have one and just share a car. I don't have the choice unfortunately, as I travel to customer sites and my wife works we need 2 cars.

If you don't have a garage then having a weekend toy doesn't make any sense, but saying that I have never seen the point of a toy. I would rather have a nice car that I use all the time..

Are you not enjoying the 640d?
I am bored with it Scott, mainly due to the fact that I don't use it and it's costing me 400+ / month for the pleasure of sitting on the drive!

Don't get me started on moving costs....c6k for estate agents and 10k plus for SDLC.......

Originally Posted by Danny.B. View Post
where abouts in east anglia if you dont mind my asking? Thats my area :-)

that's enough to put anyone off actually
We actually fancy the area around South Lincolnshire (spalding way) over to Kings Lynn area and probably down as far as March. So that kind of general area; South lincs, north Cambridgeshire and north west Norfolk. Although I went to school in Lincoln I don't know the area that well. The attraction is the value for money and variation of property, ease of access into London and also the better weather that the east of the country gets. We have no great love for the north west, it has been convenient and served a purpose but we want to move on and away.

So, I guess you know the area well then!