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Wagner FMIC fitted 335d (LCI) - Reviewed

Well I got the Wagner fitted on Friday. Although I toldf the garage they didn't need to remove the bumper, they decided to anyway. All in all it was 60 minutes from when it went on the ramps to when it came off again with 2 mechanics working on it. There was no cutting involved and they had not fitted a Wagner before. I sourced the Wagner and asked if they would kit the FMIC of my choice and that's what happened. Interestingly was that I gave them the information on the FMIC and the link to the website for Wagner and the price I paid the Garage was the same as I would have paid just to get the FMIC As I am one to air on the side of caution, I also gave them new seals for the FMIC pipes as I thought I may as well change them if they are being disturbed. The owner of the Garage, which are tuning specialists, saad the the Wagner was a very well built FMIC and looked to be designed well too.

So how does it feel ?

At first I was a bit disappointed as it felt no different, then as the engine got fully up to temp, it started to feel like there was a bit more of a delay in the power delivery. So I then spent 30 miles of rather enthusiastic down shifting and booting it. A few stops in laybys and booting it out of them. To be honest it what I do every weekend in it anyway

I then started to notice that it wasn't feeling laggy at all and that the low down torque felt stronger and I could get away with changing gear higher up the rev band without being punished by the power dropping when I shift a bit later than I would like. Mid range the power is stronger too. So all in all once the ECU adapts to the new FMIC there is a definately improvement all round in performance and when booting is from a standstill the power delivery is definately stronger and the push into the seat is more forceful than before.

So yes I am very pleased I had it done.....the only downside was that on the next day when I used my screen washers for the first time, both covers on the headlight washers flew off and I have had to order them form BMW and get the body shop to colour code them for me and this is to the tune of 120 !!!!!!!!!!

Also, looking as the front grille, there is a web of plastic that the rubber seal on the OEM FMIC clipped on that looks a bit odd......I have drilled loads of 10mm holes in it through the holes in the front grill, to let some more air get to the new FMIC through. I don't know if this can be removed or if it makes any difference anyway.

I tried removing the bumper this morning to see what I could do but the last bolt on each side near the headlight is impossible to get to and on the one side I did start to loosen it on, I did it back up before it came out as it suddenly dawned on me that I was never in a million years going to be able to get that screw back in again !!

Does anyone have any tips on reaching the last bolt on each side of the bumper where the headlights are ?
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