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Originally Posted by bmwm3redblack View Post
Hey guys. My car is 2008 335xi coupe and i got H&R springs on stock shocks.
It looks cool,but the ride comfort is terrible on a bumpy roads

So i am planning to buy Koni adjustiable sport shocks. And i want to know how much better this setup is vs stock + H&R springs?
Is it a good suspension upgrade or is it just a waste of money?
So who has the same setup please advice!!!
I recently put Koni Yellow Sports and H&R Sport springs on my 08 335xi Sedan.

The ride is nice but the rear is a bit too low for my taste. I'm actually in the process of looking for an alternative spring for the rear... or if I can swing it... swapping it all out and going KW V1's so I can adjust the height. Having the right stance is much more important to me than adjustable dampening or saving a few hundred bucks.

Here are a couple threads with pics of my car just a few days after the install. I had a complete alignment done and the rear camber is kicked out pretty good.

After a close to two months now it has become a real nag on me. I'm tired of seeing my rear so low at times. Sometimes it looks perfect but overall it's just too low compared to the front. Even if all jack points are equal distance from the ground... the appearance to the eye is that the front is higher than the rear.

Take from this what you will.

My current ideas are to get a set of Eibach springs and throw those on in hopes that they will fix the rear dump. If that doesn't work... I'll just go straight to KW's.

I'm pondering Tein springs but there is very little out there on any XI owners using Tein's. The Koni's are somewhat new to the XI so the majority of people on here are running Bilstein's or KW's. What is frustrating and confusing is that some people have Koni/H&R setup and their cars look perfect.

The first pics are off my car with stock 17" wheels. I recently put on 18" wheels with squared 235/40/18's and it looked good for a while then started to settle again.

It all depends on when you look at it, what angle or what the pavement is like that your car is parked on etc.

The installation shop put the rears at what I think is full soft too... so I nearly gave dad a broken back yesterday driving down the freeway from a few hard bumps/bounces.

I did track it after I had them all installed and it ran frigging great, fwiw.

I can give you part #'s. The prints are the KBA 91042 .. 29187 These are supposed to be the same as the US H&R sport springs. Did quite a bit of research before buying.

Hope this helps you. if you have the money I would go KW... I don't read any threads of anyone disappointed or upset with the way the car sits after installing them because...well... they are adjustable!

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