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Originally Posted by nukezero View Post
E92-lightning is a one man show. Stop referring to it as "them".

Which is probably why this shop does not operate like it can handle hundreds of orders on a weekly basis. I just don't think he has the warehouse/inventory to store all that.

I believe I went to college with this guy. I did buy one thing from him a long ass time ago and had no issues but I'm not so sure I will buy anything again.

But give this guy a break. It's a one man show
You shouldn't give this guy a break. If you were a business owner, is that how you would run your business?

In fact, a small business owner needs to be even more on top of things to be successful. You can't half-ass service. You either give 5-star service all the time, or attempt to resolve the issue if it is not 5-star, in a timely manner (that cannot be stressed enough). What I am reading is a debate back and forth with seller and buyer; that is ridiculous.

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