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Originally Posted by 335DEE View Post
What you have done is Way too expensive for very little gain.

You may in your opinion have done it to protect your turbos, thats up for debate.

You are also outside many peoples scope. 90% of shite that goes on this forum is based around what wheel spacers are best, the endless and now very boring subject of rft over normal tyres which has been done more times than katie price, what colour car is best. You get my drift.
There are some on here that are serious and serious about tuning but most are based on what's available in halfords.
Disagree with some but not all of what you've posted: But you seem quite bitter about the whole thing. Why not simply leave the forum and not come back, if it's filled with such dross?

I do care about tuning quite alot, but for no performance gains am not sure why you'd upgrade the intercooler to be honest. I'd be interested in proper evidence of the improvements. For example lap time averages over 10 or 20 laps both before and after the FMIC, same driver same track same conditions. Because I'm sure in that scenario the benefits will become obvious. But points win prizes of course which is why so many remap outfits lie or skew their HP figures so much. Most aren't interested in anything more than that.

The OP has also suffered somewhat by posting the topic in the correct section. As this part of E90post is more or less without moderator now; A vast number of people just dump everything directly into the general forum. To the point that the technical forum is not frequented by barely any of the 'regular' members any more. Putting this up in just the 'UK' board would've garnered far more attention. Even though that would make this topic 'part of the problem'.

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