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Originally Posted by MEGA View Post
Disagree with some but not all of what you've posted: But you seem quite bitter about the whole thing. Why not simply leave the forum and not come back, if it's filled with such dross?
There are decent tit bits here and there .. but the amount of crap you have to sift through is unbeleivable.

I've asked a bunch of semi technical questions in the technical arena and really zero answers , i'm not alone in that either and you are right it's almost a waste of time and should seek out elsewhere.

This site does have a good classifieds compared to others .. all uk based which makes the difference


I do care about tuning quite alot,
There are a few bods on here that do care , I never said the site is full of halfordetts but these people far outweigh serious modders.
In any case this is detracting from the original OP's statement , i'm not really up for a flaming session .. far too busy earning a pittance !


The OP has also suffered somewhat by posting the topic in the correct section.
Totally agree and it's a shame as he's obviously spent a lot of money and time and wishes to share the experience and sounds like he's getting the same impression I have of this forum.