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Originally Posted by alexwhittemore View Post
Yours, sorry I forgot to quote.

If you wanted an OEM retrofit, you'd get:

USB socket+wiring
Mic wiring
Bluetooth antenna
iPod Y cable
30pin adapter (if you've got an iPhone 5).

All in all, that's not less than $500 worth of stuff, probably more like 6-7, and you get:

Bluetooth handsfree (no streaming)
Music playing from a USB drive
Wired music from your iDevice with headunit integration + wheel controls
No charging from the car's USB port.
Must use Y cable.

On the other hand, you could get a Denison Gateway 500s BT

which gets you
Bluetooth handsfree+streaming
Music from a USB drive
Wired music from iDevice, or android, or whatever, with headunit integration and wheel control
Charging up to 1A (and I think the thing might have 2 USB ports as well, presumably one for a thumb drive or hard drive and one for your phone)
Can use normal white USB cable if iPhone, or micro-USB if android

and the full install kit is something like $530 or $550.

Basically, I don't know of any reasons why the gateway isn't a strictly better solution than true OEM.
Hi Alex,

thanks for the quick response. By the sounds of it, the Gateway kit looks like the one. I'll check this out.

Thank you!