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Originally Posted by thegrinchboy View Post
BTW, since the install the rear has settled even more. 0 gap. Almost too low IMO.
Funny you mention that I was looking at mine the other day and thought it looked a bit low too. No bottoming or anything but I made a run to Walmart and loaded up the trunk with maybe 150 lbs of consumer goods (plus spare tire and assorted stuff), looked super low. Rode fine then again no bottoming but I think you are right these things will settle.

I need to get under the front and see if I can release any binding of bushings up there. Front does not appear to have settled at all. Outside of putting on some DP's (which I NEVER want to do again) have not been under there this spring yet for any susp related stuff.

edit: I forgot, I did put the spacers on, 12/15mm F/R and that has me looking hard again at the gaps all around.