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Originally Posted by n52330i View Post
Have you ever been in a car with kw?
You can use for getting grocery's, track, driving kid to school.
The KW ride better then oem sport suspension.
Kw also has LIFE TIME warranty, so that is longer then 4 years.

Have you done any research on suspension before you make comments?

How are you suppose to beat the crap out of your car with spring that retain oem spring rate that your oem damper was designed for? I confused, Dinan reaseach what spring goes with your oem damper? If so your car came with the right spring already, BMW install it at the factory.
LOL! This is not a pissing contest. I am merely answering questions people had. I have done my research actually. KW warranty is for the suspension components they sell and is non-transferable. If something on my car that is "related" to the KW components fails, then my BMW warranty is void in this case. Dinan covers that and that's what I mean. No other manufacturer provides that.

So for everyone's benefit, KW V1 is probably the closest comp given the level of customization available (tuning aside). However, don't forget the anti roll bar and camber plates. Dinan kit is $2,100. KW V1 is $1,650. So the implied value for the anti roll bar and camber plates is $450. Pretty good deal if you ask me. One added bonus? Dinan kit is already tuned for the inclusion of anti roll bar.

Also, for the 335i, all dampers and springs are replaced. If you read the thread carefully, that discussion was specifically for the 335xi. In that case, I merely stated a potential explanation. I do not have a degree in mechanical engineering. Nor am I a physicist. I do not claim to know why Dinan chose to retain stock front damers for the 335xi. I would imagine its to their benefit to replace them from a business perspective, since they would be making more money.

So before you get all in my face about my thoughts, remember, they are just my thoughts. You don't have to agree with them. Its the path I decided to go after doing a few weeks of research.
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