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least my post opened up some for of "debate"

I personally, like to mod my cars with a touch of Carbon here and there on the outside to acheive what I believe is more asthetically pleasing( I don't like extreme cosmetic modding but as they say each to their own) and as much performance modding as I can afford to get the most enjoyable experiece form my car when I plant my right foot into the carpet for a few seconds.

With regards to this posts topic, I actually was very happy with the cost of the Wagner FMIC as I had it supplied and fitted for less than I could buy it direct form Wagner for. Perfomance wise, I have over 100 miles covered since it was fitted now and can say the difference is noticible to the "Butt Dyno" especially on the speed the torque kicks in stronger lower down the rev band in day to day driving as well as more forceful accelleration through the midrange and definately feeling less asthmatic between 4k - 5k rpm, so if I donlt get my gearchange in at 4krpm when driving hard, it doesn't matter anywhere near as much as the power does not start to fade like it did before. So yes I am happy with the Wagner and what it gave me.

I was running 360BHP before I had the CKS Straight through exhaust fitted (which gave faster spool up low down) and the Wagner fitted. I would hazzard a guess that combined these 2 mods may have increased this a bit, maybe 25BHP but knowing that before any mods were done to my car it was running 278BHP, I think I have done pretty well in developing an exciting to drive and fast car that surprises may powerful petrol cars on the road in the "Traffic Light Grand Prix" etc.

Oh yes, one more thing I have noticed now that I had settled back to normal driving form the initial excitment of the wagner being fitted last Fridy is that the MPG seem higher.....I wasn't expecting that, so will watch that with interest as I am off to Santa Pod this weekend for the Top Fuel Dragsters......maybe I could take them on on the Qtr Mile strip
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