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Originally Posted by alexwhittemore View Post
I just got a nexus 7 to get crackin' on my plans for this as well.

I notice you've currently got the radio set to 'aux' - do you have a USB sound card that the N7 is driving or something? Or are you just getting audio from somewhere else entirely (like a phone)?

I ask because I'm trying to get Rdio working on the N7, but unfortunately it seems the only audio option is browsing the file structure via USB (so no streaming).
i have an 'iphone' bluetooth audio adapter in the armrest connected to the aux and power. its meant for iphone/ipod docks, but you can use it the way i am using...

this is the unit i bought from curry's:

and a cable similar to below from ebay:

and a usb charger:

I've taken down the N7 mount now...moved on to an AppRadio.