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Originally Posted by KaiserN54 View Post
+1. Happened to me. Insurance has to pay out because nothing in the policy says "no mods allowed." I suppose they might say the car wasn't street legal, not how the car was represented, etc, but that is picking a fight and, depending on your jurisdiction, just begging for a bad faith claim.

That didn't stop my idiot adjuster from taking 20 pictures of one of those gag "warning, turbo equipped, sudden acceleration may cause whiplash" stickers my wife threw on one of the rear windows.

Either way, they paid out. In fact, I refused their first offer, and got 3k more for "recent improvements" made to the car. (tires, upgraded brakes, clutch, etc- nothing go-fast)
So, the insurance company may reimburse for mods-just not go fast mods?