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Has anyone done this on a red, or darker car? I really need to do this as I have 5 holes in my front bumper from the last owner. I have a crimson red 328i and was just wondering how the blend will look. Will the front part of my bumper be more brighter than the rest of the car? Luckily, I think this car was garage kept and barely driven, (54,000 on a 2007) so no fading of the paint. Im just curious how it will look blending. After watching the videos on the automotive touchup site I do feel confident doing it, just want to see if anyone has done this on darker car, preferably a crimson red. Also, how much of the bumper should I leave exposed for painting/blending? OP, you say you wouldn't have taped up the bumper the way you did, how would you tape if doing it again?