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Originally Posted by alexwhittemore View Post
I'd see if you can find someone local who has one to meet up with just to chat. I'd like to see how it works and whatnot before I plunked down that kind of cash. But I'm quite sure it's a better option than a MULF retrofit.

Thanks Alex, sounds sensible. I've spoken to a local reseller, who is going to price this up for me, and says he has one of these fitted to a Porsche, that I could see for myself. Not ideal, as its a different car, but at least I get a look at how far it'll integrate.

I've also heard back from a mate of mine who works with BMW, and tells me that according to my VIN, I will need the following bits;

BT integration - 269.00 GBP
iphone Integration - 336.00 GBP
iphone cradle - 90 GBP;

total 695.00 GBP

Not sure what the part numbers are but if i can get a discount on this pricing, it shouldnt be too far out of the costs for the Dension.

If the costs were similiar for both, would it make more sense to go with OEM retrofit? I'm just thinking that the functionality would be better?

Thanks for any thoughts, and apologies for flogging a dead horse.