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The mods you have listed will be a non issue with your insurance company. You have done nothing to modify the fuel system. Probably best not to mention the mods though unless they ask. I have a Buick GN that was heavly modified that caught fire due to a leaking meth solenoid (100% meth) at a local 1/4 mile track. The insurance addjuster came to my house (had it towed there from the track), look at the car, took some pictures of the vin plate and a few under the hood. The fire cooked everything in the engine compartment so it was hard to tell what was what. He did ask if I had done anything crazy to the engine and what I was doing at the track. I told him nothing was done to the engine (stock internals) and that I was running the 1/4 mile to see what my vintage car could do. Anyway (sorry for my rambling) I received a check 2 weeks later for more than enough to repair my car. I hope everything works out for you and Im glad you are ok... Note to all my fellow car enthusiasts (modders) I keep a fire extinguisher in all of my cars regardless of mods or if my meth tank is in the trunk!
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