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Originally Posted by mike_c79 View Post
I am well aware that the cable travels from the trunk to all the way to under the hood.
My friends 335i looked the exact same as this picture and he was told it was due to the bad cable. may not be his same problem just throwing it out there..
The battery cable involved in the current recall DOES NOT go into the engine area. If does from the trunk (battery area) along the right rocker panel area (under the carpet) to the back of the junction box, which is located behind the glovebox.

I'm guessing this was surely an injector-related fire. I've seen plenty of these things leak bad enough to dump raw fuel into the exhaust, and actually be visible dripping out of the V-band area on the downpipe/turbo. If that happened with a hot engine and exhaust system and the driver kept driving, I could see this possibly happening.

This is the second time lately I've read on this forum of people just continuing to drive with the engine running poorly. Pull over and evaluate the situation..... it's in your best interest, and would have likely prevented the fire in this incident.