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Originally Posted by Cuse328 View Post
I'd be very interested in purchasing a set if the price is right- Awesome work.
I am aiming to keep it at $700 and this includes all new main gaskets, which are over $100 from BMW. I could possibly even include gaskets for where the midpipes hook up.

Originally Posted by randomquickness View Post
count me in as long as the price is right.

also curious, can the error light be coded out instead of using the dp fix?
Light can be coded out by AA if you get their tune. This is probably the best bet to maximize everything, but gains are instantly noticeable and dyno proven without a tune.

Originally Posted by makisupa View Post
Also had the same question, and interested as well.
see above

Originally Posted by bmwkyle View Post
Interested, would like to know the price. Plus without a tune, will the mpg still go up? I feel like without the primary cats the a/f ratio will be off and Ill be dumping more fuel causing less mpg than I'm getting now. I plan to keep the stock exhaust for sound reasons so Im wondering if the awful smell will be there with everything stock except the headers. Awesome work by the way, these things look legit.
Price I am aiming for is above. I notice MPG boost immediately. It was insane how much better it was. You will not notice the smell difference or a sound difference with the secondaries in place. It was only noticeable for me when I took out secondaries.