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Originally Posted by Torxist View Post
You can see what this attitude has gotten your country. You are still as helpless and vulnerable as the day before 911, because you refuse to address the underlying issue. Your policies and treatment in that region of the world.
With the exception of the last decade, how exactly have we treated the Islamic world in a way that justified 9/11, the USS Cole, WTC 93, Mogadishu, Marine Barrack Attack, Embassy Bomings, etc?

Most of the US hatred stems from our support of Israel. I won't go into whether Israel has a right to exist or not, since that is another discussion for another time. Aside from the US support of Israel we have done nothing but try to help the middle east most of time. We supported Afghanistan and supplied them with weapons to fight the Soviets. When Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait we provided the majority of the support to help protect Saudi Arabia from any further advance by Saddam as well as drive him from Kuwait. When warlords took over Somalia and were committing genocide against women and children the US formed the backbone of the UN peace keeping force and helped establish order. We get rewarded by having our soldiers killed by Osama trained terrorists and their bodies drug through the streets of Mogadishu.

The main problem stems from the backasswards thinking the majority of the region still lives by. You yourself said they still are living in the 14th century. In the US if some crazy ass pastor like the Westboro Baptist guy gets in front of a microphone and says God Damn America, Thank God for Dead Troops, etc. the majority of Americans realize what a psyco he is and actively go out of their way to shun and silence him (creating human walls so they can't protest funerals, etc.). In the middle east if some guy declares a Jihad against America for something he deems we did to slight Allah or his country, he'll get a bunch of followers who are willing to blow themselves up for his cause. You might say you disagree and the majority of people in the middle east disagree and don't support that type of behavior, but the fact of the matter is those who do not condone that behavior don't do enough to stop it from fostering. There are people who will actively let terrorist hide amongst the peaceful populace, but when a strike is conducted to kill a high level target and there is collateral damage, they use it to further their cause. And you say that the radicals represent a small majority of the population, but why then are more and more governments being taken over by radical leaning groups? Egypt elects the Muslim Brotherhood, Palestine instead of electing a group that supports a peaceful resolution elects Hezbollah, and on and on. We try to stay out of the Syria and Libya mess, but when we do we get chastised for not stepping in and helping.

You know what was the cause for Osama's hatred of the US? The fact that when he offered his and the Mujahedin's services to Saudi Arabia to fight Saddam's invasion of Kuwait they told him to get lost. That combined with American forces being station in the holy land caused him to flip such a shit he vowed vengeance on us. How is that rational?